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Swing Note Productions

Swing Note Productions was founded in 2006 to provide a platform for sharing good vibes through high quality live music, often within the American Art form called Jazz, sometimes with the fine Latin flavour. We deal with the professional production of a live musical, theatrical, festival, corporate or club event, live concert or recording or educational projects. In these times of constant change, we try to put a light on the qualities and values of jazz music that developed through its swift history, shaping different styles but providing us a mainstream for creativity in making music of high quality. We prepare this by carefully selecting our artists, and resulting in fine art product.

 "It Don't Mean a Thing, if it Ain't Got That Swing." -  Duke Ellington


We think that the true message and pleasure in music as well as the innovation and originality are, too often overrated and misunderstood in our time. The right result can only come from first mastering the classical values, education, and the technical brilliancy over the instrument used, human voice included. This combined with the right work experience and vision of the performer is the formula for success here. Once we have the product, we carefully chose our audience. When asked to provide the music of a musical event, we listen to the needs and wishes of our client, look closely to the kind of the audience on the proposed event and the location venue, look for in the possibilities rather than boundries of trying to find the best combination together with the client, for the best live music event production within the client's budget. From the point of our knowledge and experience, we rather advise then demand; to build one project together with both parties involved: client & producer/performer.

We try to keep our ears open to the fresh sounds of the 21st century, well rooted in timeless and proven traditions, with its classic values from which we try to learn ever since. The live music we are bringing to our customers, will aim to be the way we like to have ourselves, with the best possible preparedness and served by our international, well-seasoned, always professional artists, deeply rooted in their musical landscape that became their true homeland, never to be left behind, through the times of change.
Finally, it has to do with belief. Weather we bring you the grown up & skilled interpretation of classis styles, (sometimes with fresh dressing carefully chosen with taste), or a new thing to some, we always keep the quality high. Again, the technical & artistic elements "need to be beed with", to use some Count Basie/Quincy Jones terminologys .

How do we do it?

Using our worldwide valuable network built on close cooperation in the past and , on skill and experience in expertise, we try to avoid unnecessary expenses without ever sacrificing quality. We keep the focus on the client's desire and potentials within our own art in creating every new live music event closely with the client through all phases of production. First, we look at what there is available and advise upon that what could be done for every new live music event. We learned that every project has its own reality, concept, and working circumstances, even within one festival or theatre programming. By listening and analysing, first we try to find the best act fitting to different situations and desires. Most of our international experienced artists can adjust on the spot to almost all audiences and situations: theatrical seated concert, club, business party, unplugged or dancing festival engagement.

What we do:

As a booking & concert agency, Swing Note Productions is devoted to creating new endeavours and to better live music performance. We provide a full service in concert management and live music quality entertainment, corporate events with live music show, from the basic start design and production till the final delivery show time date, setting up the best act based on the available means, client's wishes, and many times supporting the festival or theatre venue programmer. Giving them better live music to attract their audience and approaching each of our client individually is our 1st project, using the skills and experience of the previous work done. Because we like to keep it small, every our live music event project has its own identity.

As an educational / clinic workshop/ private music lessons company, Swing Note Productions tries to achieve the best results in the given time while considering the students desire, her or his capability, and the student's music education individual background, which is almost always different, from person to person.

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