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As a Booking & Concert Agency, Swing Note Productions is devoted to creating new endeavors and to the better live music performance. As an education/ workshop/ private music lessons, Swing Note Productions tries to achieve best result in given time considering the student desire & capability and the music education reality.


Achterdijkshoorn 23
2635 MK Den Hoorn ZH

T/F: +31 6 55 89 12 37

Full service

We provide the full service in concert management, celebrity artists booking (other artists booking also possible) and live music quality entertainment, corporate events with live music show, from the basic start design and production till the final delivery - show time date, setting up the best act based on the available means, client’s wish, many times supporting the festival or theatre venue programmer giving them better live music, approaching each of them individually as it is our 1st project, using the skills and experience of the previous work done.

Because we like to keep it small, every our live music event project has its own identity, shining longer than the show-time date.

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